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Junior Bill Appropriations

In fiscal year 2024, Representative McQueen allocated $100,000 to Edgewood Community Library! Through his support, we were able to make a lot of improvements and changes to the library, including purchasing new furniture, book materials and supplies, and programming licensing. Thank you Rep. McQueen for thinking about our library and allocating these funds!

Below is the presentation that was presented to the Town of Edgewood Commission on June 25, 2024. This presentation covers how the librarians approached the funds to better serve the community. We hope this provides a brief insight into the changes that were made to the space.

The library will be hosting an open house on July 27, 2024, from 10am-3pm. Anyone is welcome to come to see how the space has changed.

Edgewood Community Library History

Library Establishment

In 1991, a small group of dedicated volunteers established Edgewood Community Library. These volunteers understood the value and importance of a library, especially in a small community. Originally, the library began as a non-profit organization and was run out of a room in a small strip mall.

On the verge of closing several times due to financial difficulties, Mark Jensen, a key founder of the library, provided a rent-free house for the library to run out of. The library remained in this house for almost a decade. Still run solely by volunteers, the library continued to flourish due to Jensen's generosity.

Town of Edgewood Incorporation

Throughout the early years, Edgewood Community Library and the Town of Edgewood worked closely together. In 2008, discussions of the Town of Edgewood incorporating the library began and in 2009, the library officially became a department of the Town of Edgewood.

With this incorporation, the library relocated to an office building on Highway 344. The move offered the library more space and an ability to offer an increase in services and programming.

Edgewood Community Library Today

The library continued to grow and quickly outgrew the office building on Highway 344. In 2016, plans were put into motion to repurpose a portion of the former Edgewood Elementary School. Construction and updates began in March 2017 and the library reopened in June 2017 in its new space.

Today, Edgewood Community Library is located in the former Edgewood Elementary School. The library has two paid staff members and wonderful volunteer staff to help keep the library running smoothly. The library continues to grow and is a dynamic place for community residents!

Our Wonderful Volunteers

To this day, Edgewood Community Library owes much of its success to its staff of hardworking and selfless volunteers. These volunteers have devoted countless hours of their personal time, energy, and resources to ensure our community receives the best opportunities possible.

In addition to our regular volunteer staff, many community members have generously volunteered their time and talents in support of the library over the years. Without our incredible volunteers and generous community members, Edgewood Community Library would not be as successful. Thank you for your support and hard work!