Temporary Service Suspension Announcement

Please be advised that the Edgewood route service will be suspended from August 15 through September 2. The suspension is a result of the current employee being on vacation during that time. We are not able to deny the employee’s vacation request because this position is filled as a driver/rider, therefore, they are only employed by the district during the morning and evening commutes. They are employed on a full-time basis by the State of New Mexico.

Pre pandemic we were able to provide a substitute driver from one of our other work sites, however, post pandemic we still have a staffing shortage and will not be able to back fill for this driver. We have recruited for a part time position in the past and did not have any success in finding someone in the Edgewood area. We will continue with our recruiting efforts, and should you be aware of someone that lives in or near the community please encourage them to contact our Human Resources office.


The Town of Edgewood has commuter transportation options available to residents.

TO/FROM Santa Fe Riders can take The Blue Bus from the Edgewood Community Center to Santa Fe.
Service runs Monday - Friday, northbound (once each morning) and returns southbound (once each evening).

Route 290 details are available at North Central Regional Transit District

NCRTD has a real-time Bus Tracker is available Here.