About Edgewood

The Town of Edgewood, located in the southwest portion of Santa Fe County, was incorporated on July 1, 1999. At that time, the population was just a couple thousand people. In the ensuing 20 years, the community expanded through a series of annexations and slow growth to a current population of about 6,000 residents within town limits. The town's retail and services options have grown too, but there remains a strong focus on retaining the small town, a rural character that residents appreciate and value.

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Data Profile
2020 US Census Quick Facts

Population   6,174
Owner-Occupied Housing    86.8%
Median Household Income   $64,931
Age Distribution   6.7% (<5), 16.3% (6-18), 62.1% (19-64), 14.9% (65+)
Education Level   27.5% bachelor's degree or higher; 94.6% HS graduates or higer
Race/Ethnicity   69.9% white, 28.4% Hispanic/Latino, 1.7% all others
Veterans   8.5%