Governing Body

Town Commission

The Governing Body of the Town of Edgewood now consists of five Commissioners, which includes a Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem. The Commissioners are elected by the Citizens of Edgewood on a nonpartisan basis.  The Governing Body holds Executive, Legislative, and Quasi-Judicial powers. The Commissioners now appoint a Town Manager, who is the Chief Administrator of the town, having been delegated most of the executive duties of the Mayor, Mayor Pro Tem, and the other Commissioners.

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Mayor,                      Ken Brennan

Term 2022 - 2025

District 1
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Mayor Pro Tem, Filandro R Anaya

Term 2022 - 2025

District 4
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Commissioner,    Jerry Powers

Term 2024-2027

District 2
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Commissioner, Patrick Milligan

Term 2024 - 2027

District 3
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Commissioner,  Sterling Donner

Term 2024-2027

District 5
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Community Liaison,  Linda Burke
Town Meetings

Beginning in March 2023, Town Meetings will be held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at the Town Hall Commission Chambers at 6:30 PM.  Citizens are encouraged to attend these meetings to keep informed of town issues and to provide input. 

In addition to attending in person at 171-A NM Highway 344 (formerly the north building of Edgewood Elementary School), Citizens can view on the live stream at the Town of Edgewood Facebook Page:

Get Involved

The Commission values your opinions and suggestions.  Please feel free to contact them either by email, phone, or public comment at a Town Commission Meeting. A public comment sign-up sheet is always available before each Town Commission Meeting. When prompted, citizens in-person, on the phone, or online who wish to make public comments may address the Governing Body.  More ways to Get Involved


In accordance with the Commissioner-Manager form of government, the Town of Edgewood established five commission districts for the town. Districts reflect a balanced distribution of population and are required to be re-evaluated with each decennial census to maintain balance.  For more information about Edgewood's districts, see District Boundary Map and Population Breakdown by District. Learn about the districting process with this districting presentation.


New Mexico Open Meetings Act Compliance Guide
Current Town of Edgewood Open Meetings Resolution and Operating Resolution (updated each year) are available online.

Town of Edgewood Updates  -  WILL RETURN SOON!

Periodically, members of Edgewood's Governing Body will provide video updates to share information on town activities, projects, and facilities.