Police Programs

The Edgewood Police Department's House Watch Program is designed to provide peace of mind to our residents while they are away from home for extended periods of time; whether for vacation, illness, work-related travel, or other circumstances. If you would like your property added to our list, please fill out and submit this House Watch Request Form.



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Neighborhood Watch

Did you know that Edgewood has several established and active Neighborhood Watch groups in the area? If you would like information on a current group or starting a new group, please know Edgewood is here to help.

Increase the safety of your neighborhood, by forming a local Neighborhood Watch in your area.

In 4 easy steps you can create a successful Neighborhood Watch program for you and your Neighbors.


It begins with the desire to create a watch out for each other atmosphere.  Neighborhood Watch groups help to reduce crime in their area through communication, that is, communication between neighbors and neighbors and police. Residents who spend time getting to know each other and building relationships create a network of information-sharing resulting in a watch-out-for-each-other atmosphere.

To help you get started, officers from the Edgewood Police Department provide neighbors with the tips and techniques to keep crime away.  EPD also has a training room available by reservation. The room is in the PD and can hold up to 27 persons.  Drinks, snacks and audio-visual equipment is also provided at no cost to the Neighborhood Watch group.

 STEP 2:

Start with speaking with your neighbors to determine their level of interest. Consider including the residences you see on a regular basis, such as those you notice as you turn onto your street. Call EPD for a startup packet to help you get going, and to arrange for an Officer to assist, if you would like.

 STEP 3:

Come up with a date and time which would work for everyone to have your initial meeting with a EPD officer. Once you have a few dates in mind, call EPD to set the meeting date and time.

 STEP 4:

The meeting is the neighborhood’s opportunity to discuss any concerns and receive expert advice from the officer. After your startup meeting, keep in communication with your neighbors and EPD. Consider starting an email group or a private social media group to keep in touch. Create reasons to get together, such as neighborhood cleanups, graffiti paint-over parties, a potluck, or a National Night Out block party. And, invite your neighborhood police officer to attend. We want to be part of your neighborhood safety!�€‹

 Together we can keep Edgewood safe.