Reclaim Your Pet

If your animal is at the shelter and you wish to reclaim them, you can stop by during normal business hours and fill out a Reclaim Agreement.

Required documents (if the animal's records are not on file)

  • Current copy of the animal's rabies vaccination provided within 10 days
  • Proof of sterility provided within 30 days

Reclaim Fees

  • The base reclaim fee is $50.00 and increases by $10.00 with each additional reclaim within the calendar year.
  • Your animal must be microchipped if it does not already have one.  Microchipping costs $15.00 per animal.
  • If your animal is still intact, you must pay a $25.00 sterility deposit, which will be refunded to you upon providing a copy of the animal's spay/neuter.
  • It is mandatory for your animal to be fixed unless your animal is purebred with papers, in which case you may purchase an intact permit for $50.00.

Surrender Fee

  • If you choose not to reclaim your animal, you must pay a minimum surrender fee of $25.00.
Animal HospitalPhone NumberAddressWebsite
Western Trails Veterinary Hospital505-286-46042126 NM-333, Edgewood, NM
Vista Larga Animal Hospital505-281-71004 Linnie Ct, Edgewood, NM
East Mountain Veterinary Service505-286-076051 Dinkle Rd, Edgewood, NM