PROPOSED Ordinance 2023-007

Janice Skidmore

An ordinance adopting a revised comprehensive zoning code to the Town of Edgewood New Mexico – proposed red line

TOE Resolution # 2024-005

Chris Nelson-Jeffers

Taxi Aircraft Sandia Airpark Estates – Affirming approvals and permission to taxi aircraft on internal subdivision roads of Sandia Airpark Estates East.

TOE Resolution # 2024-004

Chris Nelson-Jeffers

Operating Resolution – Providing for rules governing the operation and conduct of meetings of the governing body of the Town of Edgewood, New Mexico. Repeals and replaces Resolution 2023-033.

TOE Resolution # 2024-003

Chris Nelson-Jeffers

Signatory Authority Resolution – Regarding signatory authorities for all Town of Edgewood bank accounts and other official acts. Supersedes Resolution # 2023-047.

TOE Resolution # 2024-002

Chris Nelson-Jeffers

Open Meetings Resolution – Establishing rules of procedure for transaction of all matters presented to the commission of the Town of Edgewood presenting detailed rules of conduct, establishing policy and procedure with reference to notice of general, special, and emergency meetings of the Municipal Commission.

TOE Resolution # 2024-001

Chris Nelson-Jeffers

Special Election Resolution – Directing the Town Clerk to issue a proclamation calling for a referendum vote by all mail ballot, the question to be whether voters are for or against the abortion Ordinance # 2023-002.

TOE Resolution # 2024-001 (en Espanol)

Chris Nelson-Jeffers

Special Election Resolution (In Spanish) – Ordenar al Secretario Municipal que emita una proclamación pidiendo un referéndum mediante votación por correo, la pregunta será si los votantes están a favor o en contra de la Ordenanza sobre el aborto n.° 2023-002.