Water Policy Advisory Commission - Santa Fe County, NM

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Water Policy Advisory Commission - Santa Fe County, NM

The Water Policy Advisory Commission (WPAC) is currently inviting new community members to fill vacancies on a 12-member committee. Members serve for a term of 3 years and meet every second Thursday of the month.

WPAC members aid in ascertaining and providing factual information and recommendations to the Santa Fe Board of County Commissioners regarding utility service, domestic water supply, wastewater management, irrigation, drought management, flood prevention and control, and water reuse in the County and region.

Ideal candidates possess a wide range of unbiased expertise and experience, including membership in established community water groups, professional practice in a water-related field, and volunteer experience. Anyone with any level of experience, however, is encouraged to apply.

To ensure equal representation of Santa Fe County water needs, the WPAC is currently in need of representation from:

  • the mutual domestic water consumers’ association, water cooperative, rural water system, or water district;
  • the Estancia and the Galisteo Planning areas;
  • the Buckman Direct Diversion Board; and
  • Santa Fe County district 4

If interested in joining this WPAC committee, please send your resume and relevant experience, or any questions, to Anjali Bean, Water Resources Manager at Santa Fe County Utilities, abean@santafecountynm.gov by May 15, 2021.