Mayor's Corner

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Town of Edgewood

1John BassettA Lifetime Invested in Edgewood
Hello, my name is John Bassett and I would like to tell you a little bit about myself, what motivated me to run for mayor, and what my main goals are for Edgewood.

Being a fourth generation, lifetime resident, my family has deep roots in the community dating back to the 1900's when my grandparents first homesteaded. Like them, I am a rancher and am still working some of the same ground on which they built their lives.

2John BassettOver the years, public service became and remains a focal point for my family as my parents served on numerous boards and committees in the Estancia Valley. After graduating from Moriarty High School and attending UNM for two years, I continued the public service tradition by serving three consecutive elected terms on the Santa Fe County Farm Service Agency.

This facet of the US Department of Agriculture oversees the successful implementation of agricultural programs and policies at the county level. I would later serve on the Town of Edgewood Planning & Zoning Commission for a little over four years; the last two as Chairman.

In 1999, The Town of Edgewood was incorporated. Although my family's property (like many others in Edgewood) was not included in the incorporation, I took a keen interest in this new government attending the very first ever Edgewood Town Council meeting and a year later, the Planning & Zoning Commission meetings. In the subsequent seventeen years since, I have continued to attend these meetings, witnessing firsthand, the Town of Edgewood's evolution. Little by little, I noticed the Town of Edgewood shifting away from it's initial goal for the community as a new kind of government that listened to its people and acted only in their best interests, thus, motivating me to run for office.

3John BassettI realize there are many issues which face our town presently but, I believe that three in particular may harm our town's long term prospects if not addressed soon. The first is to get the Town's financial affairs in order as Town revenues are dangerously low in relation to its expenditures. We must work to get the budget in balance and provide for long term stability with it. Second, the unbalanced approach by the Town for developing its road system and sewer infrastructure is not conducive to economic development. In order to pave more roads and expand services, we must first grow the tax base by providing a solid infrastructure closer to the I-40 corridor. Lastly, Planning & Zoning must acquire a more informed and streamlined approach in it's processes to better serve and support economic development.

I am optimistic about Edgewood's future but am also realistic about the problems we must overcome in order to get to that brighter future. I look forward to working together to guide Edgewood back towards it's original promise and thank its citizens for the honor of doing so as mayor.

John C. Bassett