Commission-Manager Government

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Town of Edgewood

Commission-Manager Government
The Town of Edgewood operates under the Commission-Manager form of government. The citizens elect five commissioners, one from each of the town’s five districts. All commissioners equally share responsibility for the town’s legislative functions, each may bring topics to the commission agenda for discussion and/or action. The Governing Body is the final authority on policy matters relating to the Town of Edgewood.

Commission-Manager government was designed to stop corruption in cities by spreading out the power amongst five commissioners rather than being centralized in a single mayor. The executive powers and duties that were formerly concentrated in the mayoral position are now accomplished by a professional Town Manager who is supervised closely by and serves at the will of the Commission.  

Mayor and Mayor pro tem
In accordance with New Mexico Statute (NMSA 3-14-10), the town’s commission must select one member to serve as mayor who presides over meetings, performs other statutory duties, and serves as the head of the municipality for legal and ceremonial purposes; and the Commission appoints another member as mayor pro tem who will fulfill the mayoral obligations if the appointed mayor is unable to do so.

Town Manager
The day-to-day operations of the town and the executive powers and duties formerly exercised by a mayor are now handled by a Town Manager who is a qualified, skilled professional. The Town Commission selects and appoints the Town Manager and delegates operational authority to that appointed Town Manager. The Town Manager serves at the pleasure of the Commission and can be removed by the Commission at any time.