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Town of Edgewood

Ordinances and Resolutions
Sewer Ordinance
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Documents related to the Wastewater Treatment Plant
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Wastewater Collection System Expansion Preliminary Plan
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Engineer's Opinion of Probable Project Costs

Documents related to the Notice of Violation and Conditions of the Permit
Conditions of Permit
Notice of Violation
Response to the Notice of Violation
Acceptance of the Response to the Notice of Violation

Update on Notice Of Violation-September 2019
NMED Inspection Report
Alternate Disposal Irrigation System

Documents related to the Groundwater Discharge Permit Application
NMED Letter of Administrative Completeness/Public Notice

Recently Completed Projects

Church, Cactus, Main Sewer Line Installation and Lift Station
Belt Press Repaired
SCADA Repaired
New Sampling Refrigerators Installed
Yearly service performed on the Wind Generator

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