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Town of Edgewood

Road DepartmentThe purpose of the Road Department is to provide maintenance and repair of Edgewood's roads. This team of hardworking individuals consistently provides quality upkeep of the following:
  • Road Resurfacing
  • Road Repair
  • Snow Removal
  • Street Sweeping

Town of Edgewood Snow Response Plan
Snow removal is often a complicated process as several agencies work quickly and efficiently together to keep the roads safe and passable for the community. Please view Edgewood's Snow Response Plan to gain a better understanding of the process and it's immediate priorities to the community.

Road Department1Road Updates
Get real-time updates on road conditions, closures, alerts, construction projects, and more across the state directly from the NM Department of Transportation with NMRoads!

Click here for a list of Town owned and maintained roads.
Click here for the Town of Edgewood/P & Z Commission Road Surfacing Priority Recommendations 
Click here for the Final Drainage Report for Town of Edgewood Drainage Crossing Analysis