Mission & Purpose

welcome to the

Town of Edgewood

Our Mission
The mission of the Parks & Recreation Department is to build forward-looking, people-friendly, people-oriented recreation for the community.  We are committed to the planning, development, and management of parks, recreational opportunities, community services, community facilities and resources necessary to promote public well being and quality of life for all members of the Town of Edgewood, our neighbors, and our visitors.

Our Purpose

  • To be liaison between the community and the Town regarding parks and recreational facilities and services, needs and desires.
  • Promote public awareness of the public recreational facilities and services provided by the Town and stimulate community participation in those programs.
  • Initiate, review, and process all applications for federal, state, and private parks and recreational grants and loans.
  • Courteously and equitably administer all programs, providing safe, quality facilities and services.
  • Maintain a professional administration through the application of sound management practices.

Our Goals

  1. Prevent gang violence and activities
  2. Teach life skills
  3. Build family unity
  4. Increase community pride
  5. Build self esteem
  6. Educate children, adults, seniors, and special populations
  7. Strengthen neighborhood involvement
  8. Provide safe places to recreate
  9. Promote public health and fitness
  10. Provide new opportunities for nature experience and exploration
  11. Promote ethnic and cultural harmony
  12. Enhance quality of life
  13. Provide services for latchkey children
  14. Provide a training ground for community leaders
  15. Provide recreational alternatives to drugs