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Online Library Catalog
The library catalog is accessible via any device with an Internet connection.  Library card holders may also update personal information, bookmark titles, reserve titles, renew titles, and access digital resources after logging into their online library account.

Public Access Devices & Internet Use
Fourteen workstations are available for public use, including four filtered, touchscreen workstations in the Children's Area.  Each workstation is equipped with Windows 10, Microsoft Office 2019, Internet access, USB ports, headphones, and printer connection.

There are also two early learning stations in the Children's Area.  Both are loaded with fun, interactive educational resources best suited for preschoolers and kindergarteners.  Some parents appreciate these public access devices more because they offer a safe digital learning environment to develop school-readiness skills without needing an Internet connection.

The library offers access to free library card needed!  All you need to do is  select Edgewood Library - Guest  from the list of WiFi networks on your wireless device and agree to the terms of use from your web browser.

Copying & Printing
Patrons may make copies on a public copier in the computer room and/or print from any of the patron computers.  Copies and print-outs are 15¢ per page.

Inter-library Loans (ILLs)
Although our library collection meets many patron needs, we cannot carry every book in print due to limited space and acquisitions budget.  However, patrons may request materials through inter-library loans.

Patrons in good standing with a valid Edgewood Community Library card can fill out an ILL Request Form at the circulation desk and pay, in advance, $1.00 per requested title to help defray postage costs.  The Librarian will then request the title/s from the NM State Library to be sent by mail to the Edgewood Community Library for pick up by the requesting patron.  Once the material/s has arrived, the patron will then be notified by a librarian.
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for processing.
  • All ILLs must be returned to the Edgewood Community Library by the specified due date
  • If the requested title/s cannot be located, patrons will be refunded in full.