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Humble Beginnings
Edgewood Community Library was established in 1991 by a small group of dedicated volunteers. These volunteers realized the value and importance of a library, especially in a small community.  With the generous assistance of the late Mark Jensen, Richard Rumph, and its volunteers, the library opened for business out of a room in a small strip mall as a non-profit. Eventually, the library moved to a modest, rent-free, little house graciously provided by Mark Jensen, and remained there for several years.
  Past Library Location
Little House location on Historic Route 66
In 2009, the library was incorporated by the Town of Edgewood, and relocated to an office building on Highway 344.  Because the move allowed for an increase in services and programming the library quickly outgrew the space.   In 2016 plans were put into motion to re-purpose a portion of the former Edgewood Elementary School.  Work began in March 2017 and the library re-opened in June 2017.   Edgewood Community Library on NM 344

Former location on NM 344
Our Wonderful Volunteers
The library is mostly staffed by our friendly and helpful volunteers from our community! To this day, the Edgewood Community Library owes much of its success to its staff of hardworking and selfless volunteers. These volunteers have devoted hours upon hours of their personal time, energy, and resources to ensure that our community receives the best opportunities possible.  In addition to our regular volunteer staff, many others from our community have generously volunteered their time and talents in support of the library over the years.
Grand Opening at Former Location

Ribbon Cutting at NM 344 location