Sherry Abraham

Town Council
Title: Councilmember
Phone: 505-681-0011
Councilor Sherry Abraham being sworn by Judge White

Term: March, 2012 to March 2016 I was elected to office in March 6th 2012 , I missed election day due to a death in the family, I received the call informing me I had been elected while in Louisiana. Having never run for office I was both excited and nervous about the future. The council, mayor and staff were very supportive to help me get up to settled into office and find the training available to assure my success. Since elected I have completed the Municipal Officials Leadership Institute to become MOLI Certified. MOLI Certification Program As governing becomes increasingly complex, elected officials are confronted with challenging issues relating to the financial stability, health, and welfare of their communities. Learning to govern efficiently, ethically, and wisely requires considerable time, effort, and education on the part of the elected official. New Mexico’s municipal elected officials now have an opportunity to participate in a special program that offers certification for seasoned and newly-elected officials. The voluntary three-tiered program provides the knowledge and tools necessary for effective and ethical leadership. The objective is to encourage continuing education, promote excellence in local governance and recognize local elected officials who take advantage of training opportunities. Participants who successfully complete all three levels will receive the distinguished designation of Certified Municipal Official (CMO) and receive a pin. Classes offer elected officials an opportunity to master the specialized knowledge required for the leaders of New Mexico’s communities. The other certification I pursued and completed was in Economic Development. I took the New Mexico Economic Development Course at Western New Mexico University in July 2013. This course provided instructional materials and networking opportunities which I have brought back to Edgewood. As a result the Town Council established an Economic Development Group through the Edgewood Chamber of Commerce to address strategic issues to strengthen current businesses and encourage new business development. I am currently involved with the RETRO and RT 66 Arts Alliance groups to provide Economic Development opportunities along Route 66 from Moriarty to Tijeras. Please feel free call me at 505-681-0011 or email me at if you have any questions or ideas I can address. 

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