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1. What do I need to do to get a library card?
2. Can my child get a library card?
3. I lost my library card, what do I need to do to replace it?
4. What are your hours of operation?
5. Can I do community service at the library?
6. Do you accept donations?
7. Can I have a receipt for my donation?
8. Can I check out items if I have overdue materials?
9. How does having overdue items affect my library privileges?
10. Can I check out materials without my library card?
11. How many materials can I check out per card?
12. How long can I check out materials for?
13. Can I reserve materials?
14. When can I pick up my reserved materials?
15. How long will you hold my reserved materials for pick up?
16. Can I have food and/or drinks in the library?
17. Can I talk on my cell phone in the library?
18. Can I have my cell phone ringer on in the library?
19. Can I renew my checked out materials?
20. What does my on-line library account allow me to do?
21. How do inter-library loans (ILL) work?
22. Can I use my USB/flash/thumb drive on a patron computer?
23. Can I print from the patron computers?
24. Is there a time limit on how long I can use a patron computer?
25. Can my child use the patron computers unaccompanied by a parent/guardian?
26. Can my child use the patron computers?
27. Do I have to have a library card to use the patron computers/WIFI?
28. How do I access and log in to my online library account?
29. Do you have WIFI?
30. Can I make copies?
31. Do you have a public fax machine?
32. Do you sell Park and Ride Passes?
33. Do you have Rental Agreement Forms?
34. How do I access the online library catalog?
35. How do I search the online library catalog?
36. How do I search for new, recently added items using the online library catalog?
37. How do I search for and download eBooks from the online library catalog?
38. How do I search for and download eAudiobooks using the online library catalog?