Animal Welfare Advisory Committee


Members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by Town Council. The Committee reviews and recommends information as to how the town may best provide for animal welfare and control and assists with events for the benefit of animal welfare and control.  The Animal Welfare advisory Committee is dedicated to assisting the Animal Control Division with the best public input available as to the Town's animal control ordinances, general policies and existing programs, including the animal control facilities and equipment.

Committee Meetings

When:  1st Tuesdays @ 3:30pm
Where: Edgewood Animal Shelter
             16 Municipal Way
Who:    Anyone is welcome to attend!

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Committee Members

The Committee is composed of six members and two alternatives.  Three members and one alternative shall reside in the incorporated boundaries of the Town of Edgewood. Up to three members and one alternative may reside in territory adjacent to the incorporated Town limits.

Those interested in being part of the Advisory Committee should submit a letter to the Committee Chair, who in turn, will submit the letter to the Mayor and Town Council for a vote and possible appointment.